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Sunday, April 14
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion editorial

EDITORIAL: TSA crosses the line

This summer, expect more sun, Netflix marathons and security lines.

American Airlines released a statement calling for quicker TSA security measures, thus breaking up unacceptable lines and allowing more passengers to make their flights, NBC reported.

The TSA has faced increasing lines and some zigzagging for more than three hours at major airports.

American Airlines had 6,800 passengers miss flights during the March 14-20 spring break due to the security measures and are worried that the agency won’t be able to keep up with summer traffic, NBC reported.

We, the Editorial Board, do not believe this is a simple hiring mistake, but rather a miscommunication.

The TSA should coordinate with the airlines to staff for peak times and seasons at each airport.

Right now, it seems the private airlines and this government agency are operating in silos.

While more scanners will expedite the line, correcting staffing shortages by better placement will get travelers home until the agency can hire more people.

These delays have caused a spike in missed flights, and have put pressure on the airlines to get 
passengers home.

The TSA is predicting longer lines at many major hubs, including Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas and Philadelphia.

The cause of these delays is a simple supply versus demand problem.

The Los Angeles Times reported the agency has seven percent fewer workers than in 2014, but will be working to get 740 million passengers through checkpoints this summer, a 12 percent increase.

Complaints, another form of communication breakdown, have increased as well.

People have expressed their frustration, according to the LA Times.

Travelers cite slow lines or only one of three security lines being opened.

TSA, formed after the 9/11 attacks, can’t realistically just hire more people.

There is an extensive scanning and interview process to maintain the security of the organization.

The Houston Chronicle reported this process can take more than six months.

The TSA is in a precarious position. If they favor efficiency over thoroughness and let a threat pass through, the effects can be 

While missing flights cause headaches for passengers and airlines alike, the TSA is the front line of defense for our national security.

In the approaching summer months, it will take teamwork to get 
through lines.

It depends on the TSA acting in an efficient manner, with the airlines communicating to the agency the peak times of travel.

It will also help if passengers remember to empty their water bottles.

Travelers may be able to see the end of the line.

The added pressure from airlines may convince TSA to operate all security checkpoints at once.

This traveler’s fairy tale may soon become a reality.

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