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Thursday, Nov. 30
The Indiana Daily Student

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Letter: In support of Rick Dietz for County Commissioner

As a career adviser at IU, I can verify that when it comes to hiring, experience matters.

We coach students to prepare for the jobs they want through academic pursuits and relevant hands-on experiences.When considering candidates for public office, I look for hands-on experiences in deciding who has relevant skills for the job.

The retirement of Iris 
Kiesling as County Commissioner will leave a significant experience gap, and the candidate with the most relevant experiences to fill this important position is Rick Dietz.

I’ve worked with Rick since 2003, when he led volunteers to support my first campaign for City Council.

He is a communications expert, a capable strategist and a dedicated community activist.

Rick demonstrated steady leadership as Chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party in supporting other public officials who share his love of community.

Rick Dietz has served on the Monroe County Council, where he proved himself as a collaborator in making fiscal decisions.

As a decision-maker, Rick does careful research and uses his keen analytical skills to offer thoughtful solutions for community problems.

A Monroe County Commissioner will be well-served by having relevant County Council experience, and that’s why I’m proud to support 
Rick Dietz.

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