Letter from the editor

If these last four years have taught me anything, it’s this — you have to find your something.

Going into college, people always told me I’d love Bloomington.

That didn’t happen freshman year. I didn’t meet new people. I couldn’t understand how you could love a place. The day before I left for sophomore year at IU, I cried like a baby. I told my mom I didn’t want to come back, because there was nothing here for me. Kenzie, my girlfriend, was in Cincinnati. My best friends ?were elsewhere.

Then my college experience turned around because I got more involved in the IDS. As I’m typing this, I see people I’ll know the rest of my life. I think back to my unhappy freshman year.

Now, I can’t think about leaving this place. These people. These memories. This feeling of belonging. This feeling of home.

I’m already visualizing driving out of Bloomington for the last time. I’ll think of the Lake Monroe beach where I proposed to Kenzie. I’ll think of that Steak ‘n Shake on Third Street. I’ll think of this damn newsroom that gets too hot. I’ll think of the people.

Why the hell am I telling you this?

If you’re reading and have that same unhappy feeling I had freshman year, don’t worry. It’s not home until you find your something. For me, it was at the IDS. You’ll love some people. You’ll do stuff you love with those people. Then you’ll love Bloomington. So stick it out. Meet new people. Take a chance. Do something. Bloomington is amazing. It’s even more amazing with people you love.

Have a great summer, everybody. Thank you for letting me be your ?editor.

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