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The Clinton quandary

Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used her personal email account to conduct business as secretary of state, according to the New York Times.

This is possibly in breach of federal requirements that officials’ correspondence be retained as part of the ?agency’s record.

Clinton didn’t even have a government email address while she was secretary of state.

This raises many flags and couldn’t have come at a worse time as her presidential campaign looms on the horizon.

Emails and other correspondence written or received by federal officials are considered government records and are to be retained so they can be easily found.

Clinton’s use of her private email for four years makes it seem like she was deliberately trying to hide something.

That doesn’t look good for a presidential candidate.

I’ve never been a huge supporter of Hillary, but since she’s pretty much the only viable option for the Democratic Party in 2016, I’ve kind of been forced to support her.

It’s either her or one of the 250 Republicans planning to run for president.

She’s already a fairly bland candidate who hasn’t really said anything new in the past couple years.

Her possibly unlawful secrecy is sure to hit hard and give those on the fence even more of a reason to vote Republican when the general election comes around in 20 months.

Of course, 20 months is a long time, so it’s a little early to write her off just yet.

But this report puts her in a weakened state, which gives other potential candidates the opportunity to ?capitalize.

This is not going to be overlooked. You can’t brush off four years of refusing to comply with federal regulations regarding security of correspondence as an ?“oversight.”

I’m not saying she won’t recover.

But it’s not like she had that much to offer in the first place.

Her last name isn’t helping her, either. Bill Clinton was known for his deception and failure to remain transparent during his tenure in the White House.

I guess it runs in the ?family.

I’m hoping this isn’t as serious as the situation with her husband.

President Clinton outwardly lied to the American people — Hillary just kept a few things a little too much on the DL.

But then again, isn’t that a form of lying?

Maybe. I hope she can ?recover.

But when she does, she has to work on bringing something really exceptional to the table for 2016.

If she fails to do so, Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be our next president.

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