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Crepe Cake Recipe

Arts Editor, Audrey Perkins demonstrates how to make a crepe cake in her weekly cooking video


Crêpe cake, partly inspired by a recipe from Alton Brown



4 eggs

1 1/2 cups milk

1 cup water

2 cups flour

6 tbs butter, melted

Excess butter for the pan

Whipped cream:

1 cup heavy whipping cream

2-3 tablespoons Bailey’s Irish Cream

3 tablespoons white sugar


Sliced, fresh strawberries

Chocolate sauce (instructions for this are in the video)

Crushed cookies

1. Mix the eggs, butter and flour until you make a paste.

2. Slowly add in the water and milk till the paste thins out into a liquid. Do this gradually or the batter will become lumpy and hard to mix evenly. 

3. Heat a pan on high with some butter. Spread the butter evenly on the pan so it is evenly covered in liquid. Add about 1?4 cup of batter to the pan, rotating the pan constantly till it coats the pan with a thin layer. Reduce the heat to medium.

4. Cook the crêpe till it looks like it has solidified. The surface of the batter will no longer be shiny and the crêpe should be steaming. When the edges of the crêpe start to turn golden brown (the extreme edge – think less than a millimeter.) Give the pan a vigorous shake to loosen the crêpe from the pan. This will take a couple tries to do correctly. The crêpe should move with a dry sound as it moves across the pan. If it doesn’t want to move, or isn’t moving uniformly, likely the batter is still too soft, so give it a couple more seconds. Use a skewer to help loosen the edges if need be.

5. At this point, for the brave, flip the crêpe in the air by thrusting the pan upward. Or, take a spatula or the skewer and hold the crêpe while flipping it onto its other side. Let it cook 30 seconds more. Move the crêpe onto a separate plate.

6. While the crêpes are cooling, make the whipped cream. Using a whisk or electric mixer, whip the cream, Baileys and sugar into stiff peaks.

7. When the crêpes are cool, start layering crêpe, whipped cream and crêpe. Repeat three or four times. Then do crêpe, cream and strawberry slices. Alternate this so you have a ratio of three plain layers to one strawberry layer. Continue till you run out.

8. On the top layer, place a dollop of whipped cream and top with whole strawberries. Drizzle with chocolate sauce and cookie crumbles.

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