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The first rule of gun club

There is a country club in Centennial, Colo., where rich people may pay to enjoy cigars, drink fancy cocktails and relax on leather sofas.

They also shoot guns for sport.

The New York Times reported last week that members sometimes pay upward of $10,000 to enjoy the luxury of a country club with firearms.

At these establishments, many members stop by for lunch and target practice before heading back to work. Some establishments even offer enclosed safaris.

Leave it to the wealthy to turn something once used only for war or survival into a “sexy” sport for the elite.

Glamorizing weapon ownership is not only irresponsible but just plain nonsensical in nature.

Owning a gun is not something that should be cool or exciting or even interesting. Gun ownership is a serious responsibility and requires the utmost care, attention and safety.

In reality, owning a gun is the right of every American under the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution. However, with that right comes an understanding that we must treat guns with the respect they deserve, meaning we have to be careful.

By essentially fetishizing gun ownership, the rich elite are supporting the idea that gun ownership does not come with responsibility but rather glamour and an easygoing lifestyle.

Now, is it the fault of these people for wanting to join a gun club? Absolutely not. The concept of gun clubs within itself is detrimental to the culture of the United States.

It’s important to note the Indiana Daily Student Editorial Board is not opposed to the Second Amendment or gun ownership in general.

We are opposed to anything that threatens the lives, safety or protection of others.

And by degrading the idea that gun ownership is a serious responsibility to take on, these gun clubs are telling children and adults alike that handling a gun is the “cool” thing to do.

It’s telling millions of Americans that having and shooting a gun is a privilege that is accompanied by expensive cigars and liquor.

We live in a society that has a problem with mass shootings and gun violence in general.

Part of this problem is undoubtedly rooted in the carelessness many have embraced when it comes to owning, operating and storing firearms.

Lowering gun violence ought to be a priority of all citizens.

This means that all citizens ought to treat firearms as what they are — dangerous weapons designed to kill living creatures.

No matter how fancy you dress up while you shoot or how expensive your membership fee is, a gun is a deadly weapon that people use to slaughter others every single year in this country.

Gun clubs do nothing but treat them as toys that the rich are privileged to play with.

Spend your money how you like, but don’t make light of the weapon you are holding.

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