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Friday, June 21
The Indiana Daily Student


A place for lady gamers

Game developer Brianna Wu is well known for her game “Revolution 60,” which contains a large number of female characters .

It is a great triumph for a woman to thrive in the male-dominated video game industry.

However, it appears that more success comes with more threats.

Despite the success of her games, Wu has reported receiving several death and rape threats.

Many of these threats were directed to her on Twitter by an account that is now deleted .

The person who threatened to kill her also threatened her along with any children she had, because, as he tweeted, “They’ll grow up to be feminists anyway.”

It is astounding that someone would have this disgusting reaction to the success of a woman.

It is understandable to have a hard time adjusting to a changing ?industry, especially when it is a big part of your life.

However, to become so angry because a woman experiences success in gaming is unacceptable.

Gaming enthusiasts should be grateful that a woman is creating games, because it expands the video game audience and creates more revenue.

More action needs to be taken in order to protect women and make them feel comfortable in this male-dominated ?industry.

One would think that a productive discussion about this would take place in the chat room for Gamergate, which is a movement that focuses on the ethics of gaming journalism.

Instead, 8chan, a pro-Gamergate message board, took to harassing Wu with threats and posting her personal ?information.

It sounds like the chat room needs a mediator who would encourage a mature discussion without preference toward male gamers.

Female game developers have been left to protect themselves in the gaming world.

More men need to speak up and not only defend female game developers, but promote them as well.

There needs to be a central figure in the gaming industry who will make it clear that hatred directed at women is ?unacceptable.

The gaming world is supposed to be a place of fantasy where one can express his or her imagination in a way that is not possible outside of the virtual world.

It is supposed to be a place where those who are not accepted in the outside world are ?accepted and included.

This hatred of women in the industry ?completely contradicts that idea.

The gaming world is no longer a safe place. It looks like it is actually a very dangerous place for women.

Luckily, women like Brianna Wu choose to remain in it and fight for the acceptance and support of women among male gamers.

Although not all of us are gamers, this is proof that our society is still in need of support for ?women in every industry.

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