Total Turn-offs?

Forget turn ons. What makes you totally and immediately uninterested in someone?


From left: Naeun Lee, Drew Wang, Lindsay Cate, Craig Franke, Kevin Stumpf, and Brandon King

Drew Wang, sophomore

“When I say ‘Hi’ and they say ‘Hi,’ I ask ‘What’s your name?’ and they say exactly what I’m asking. They’re supposed to ask me ‘What’s your name?’ It makes me feel like they don’t want to talk to me.”

Craig Franke, freshman

“If a girl is stronger, physically stronger, than me, that is a turnoff.”

Naeun Lee, freshman

“When they avoid the topic or avoid eye contact because I’m trying to have a conversation with them and I feel like they’re not interested in what I’m talking about. I feel like I’m alone.”

Kevin Stumpf, senior

“Mainly smoking cigarettes. If they have that smell on their breath, it’s a big turnoff for me.”

Brandon King, second-year law student

“Too much aggression. If you come at me and tell me what you want to say, you need to start slower for me.”

Lindsay Cate, sophomore

“If I saw them smoking, that would be first. I don’t like smoking. I think cigarettes are gross.”

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