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Sunday, Dec. 10
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Journal to publish undergraduate student research

IU students and faculty are working to create the first published journal of undergraduate research on campus.

The IU Journal of Undergraduate Research will feature undergraduate student research from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and pre-professional schools.

The goal is to provide an official forum for undergraduate research, offer more opportunities for publication and recognition of students in all fields and improve IU recruiting and retention,according to the IUJUR mission statement.

“It’s everywhere and it’s incredible,” said Kristie Hsu, co-founder and editor-in-chief. “But the problem is there is no place for the plethora of things going on here to get fully recognized in a unified forum.”

The first volume of the IUJUR will be published May 2015, and Hsu said it plans to publish one volume annually. 

IUJUR will begin accepting student submissions of research Oct. 13.

Hsu is a sophomore and has worked on this project for the last year. She said she noticed other colleges had journals for their undergraduate research, something IU did not.

“We want to make sure these accomplishments are recognized,” Hsu said. 

During the past two semesters, Hsu said IUJUR has recruited around 40 associates, forming four student boards that have laid the groundwork for the publication.

Once students submit their research, the Student Editorial Board will review their papers. The Faculty Advisory Board will review the ones with the highest scores and select articles for publishing.

The Student Editorial Board will meet with the students whose work was selected and help them edit and finalize their papers. After final faculty approval, their research will be ready to publish.

Janit Pandya, one of the three original founders of IUJUR, said this is valuable for undergraduates specifically because while graduate level and faculty professional level have their own mediums of publishing their research, undergraduates do not. IUJUR is for them.

“Undergraduates are the people who will be later on filling in those roles, so we want to make sure we kind of bring that similar structure to them at the undergraduate level, and make sure it’s something they can actively participate in and be a part of,” Pandya said.

Today, IUJUR will have a professional mixer from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Union Street Center auditorium to formally announce the release of the journal.

IUJUR representatives will give more information about the journal and launching the official website.

Hsu said anyone from any field is welcome to come.

“I think undergraduate research is really kind of looked over and it’s something that IU should be recognized for,” Hsu said. “I’m hoping that when people first come to campus, they’ll be excited about the opportunities available to them.” 

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