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Monday, June 17
The Indiana Daily Student


Ritz, Pence disagree about Ind. education

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz walked out early during a State Board of Education meeting Wednesday.

Ritz has since issued a press release calling out Gov. Mike Pence for interfering with Indiana education issues, namely through the creation of his Center for Education and Career Innovation. 

“Governor Pence, through his newly created education agency, is undermining the exceptional work done every day by the Department of Education,” Ritz said in a press release from the Indiana Department of Education. “As you are all now aware, this is causing unnecessary conflict in education, which does nothing to serve Indiana’s children.”

Ritz ended the meeting when a resolution written by CECI staff was brought before the board, which would allow CECI staff to oversee the academic standards review process, according to the release.

“The process of evaluating academic standards is the responsibility of the Department of Education,” Ritz said. “After that review, the academic standards go to the Education Roundtable and finally to the State Board for adoption. The resolution was ruled improper because it used CECI staff in a manner that violates Indiana law.”

Pence also released an opinion piece expressing his support of the CECI, which hopes to help students more effectively transition from high school to higher education and the workforce.

“CECI consolidates the education and workforce responsibilities of the governor in a way that removes barriers that exist for our students, workers and employers,” Pence said in the piece. “It does so without taking any authority away from the Department of Education.”

Pence also noted the tension between his department and Ritz.

“Education in Indiana is a shared responsibility,” he said. “I take my responsibility to continue the progress we have made in our schools very seriously, but I do regret that the Department of Education and the superintendent have misunderstood my sincere desire to work with them on behalf of all the children of Indiana.”

— Sydney Murray

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