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Wednesday, June 19
The Indiana Daily Student


MCCSC releases spring test scores

Monroe County Community School Corporation released Spring 2013’s test scores in its fall newsletter, showing its ISTEP, SAT, ACT and Advance Placement scores are all above the state averages.

“We have more students than ever before taking AP courses, the SAT and ACT, and passing Advanced Placement Exams,” Superintendent Judith DeMuth said in the newsletter. “Our SAT and ACT exam results also demonstrated that our students are increasingly ready to enter and learn on a college level and well-poised to pursue careers.”

Compared to 73.5 percent for all of Indiana, 77.3 percent of MCCSC students passed the ISTEP this year. SAT scores showed that MCCSC is well above the state and national averages in critical reading, math and writing, with average scores of 550, 553 and 529 respectively. The national averages are 496, 514 and 488.

ACT scores show marked improvement for MCCSC in all categories. Advanced placement students with scores of three or above are at 64 percent for MCCSC, above the state average of 50 percent and the national average of 61 percent.
Janice Bergeson, director of secondary education at MCCSC, said the scores are what MCCSC likes to see.

“Across the board our scores are up, and ISTEP levels are holding strong,” Bergeson said. “We’re very impressed that our ACT scores show 89 percent of our students who took the test are ready for college.”

However, she also said the scores alone aren’t the most important

“Scores are what they are, and we’re happy to get the data,” she said. “But the real value is when we can break down the data to particular students and standards and assess from that level.”

Bergeson said MCCSC’s objective is to use these scores to give students who need help the additional time they need.

“We want to focus on each child, which is possible with technology now,” she said.

MCCSC is proud of the graduating students who have strong scores across the board.

“MCCSC students are learning and being challenged at deeper levels,” DeMuth said.
“Despite the challenges experienced during ISTEP testing last spring, our students maintained a consistent level of achievement in all academic areas.”

Bergeson stressed growth is the goal.

“This past year was great, but scores can be anomalies both ways,” she said. “Data is data, and stats are stats. You have to be prepared for laggings. Hopefully this growth wasn’t just a blip, and it’ll keep growing. But we are always striving to improve.”

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