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Tuesday, April 16
The Indiana Daily Student

Matt & Kim

matt and kim

Opening with cheerful “ooohs,” Matt & Kim’s fourth studio album “Lightning” remains bright and upbeat throughout.

Opener and single “Let’s Go” does not disappoint as a worthy follow-up to past hit “Daylight.”

Matt & Kim’s music stands apart from other pop because the majority of its songs have been created with only voices, drums and a keyboard.

“Lightning” stays true to the band’s usual sound and, as expected, includes simple lyrics and catchy melodies and beats. Many songs on the album are reminiscent of the duo’s 2010 release “Sidewalks.”

“Lightning” might leave die-hard fans wanting more since the album does not distinguish itself much from the band’s previous releases. However, it sounds like a solid effort on
Matt & Kim’s part.

There aren’t any real duds on “Lightning,” just fun, poppy tracks.

By Steph Langan

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