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Thursday, May 23
The Indiana Daily Student


Column: Week 2 ‘Players of the Game’ awards

MVP of the week
Matt Perez
Running Back, Redshirt Freshman

Thirteen carries, 47 yards, two touchdowns.

The numbers aren’t eye-popping, but Perez brought an energy to this team in Saturday’s second half that had previously been missing.

Perez is tough, and he ran through Virginia defenders time and again in the second half.

When the Hoosiers desperately needed somebody to step up in the red zone, Perez came up with touchdown runs twice.

I don’t know if Perez can ever be an every-down back or if he’ll ever run for more than 100 yards, but he certainly deserves the bulk of the reps at running back this season. Without him, the Hoosiers never would have made the comeback.

Unsung player of the week

Chase Hoobler
Outside Linebacker, Redshirt Freshman

Four tackles, one tackle for loss.

Hoobler is still young and learning what it takes to be a starter, but he’s growing up in a hurry.

He was solid against Virginia, and he didn’t get credit for a play he made late in the second half.

With the Hoosiers leading 24-23 in the fourth quarter and the Cavaliers driving, Hoobler pressured and hit Virginia quarterback Michael Rocco, forcing him to throw an interception to cornerback Greg Heban. Heban got all the credit on that play, but Hoobler was just as responsible for the turnover.

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