Van Jones resignation justified

Columnist Matt Straw recently wrote an article in support of former Green Jobs “czar” Van Jones. Straw mentioned that the main reason why some in the media pressured Van Jones to resign: He called Republicans “assholes.”
But that was only one of many controversial comments Van Jones has made. He once said companies intentionally divert toxic waste into minority neighborhoods’ water supplies, with no proof. He also made a speech about giving wealth back to Native Americans.
The petition he signed about the Sept. 11 attacks was for the 9/11 Truth organization that claims President Bush intentionally caused 9/11 to start the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, again with no proof. All of these actions showed that Van Jones was a far-left activist. While this country is based on free speech and he can say whatever he wants, the American people don’t want that kind of person being in charge of creating green jobs.
The question that should be asked is why Obama appointed this far-left radical to an important government position.
When people voted for Obama, they voted for someone who is level-headed, works on both sides of the aisle, and associates himself with like people. Van Jones has shown in his own words he is a far-left radical who is out of touch with average Americans.
That is why he was pressured to resign.

Jordan Wood
IU junior

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