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Monday, June 24
The Indiana Daily Student

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LETTER: Vote against Inspire in IUSG elections this week


The IU Student Government executive elections are in full swing, with three tickets vying for first place in an election that will take place on April 1 and 2. 

At the IUSG Election Commission’s Town Hall event on March 23, the Inspire campaign, which consists of Dorynn Mentor and Carling Louden, stressed their IUSG experience as a major reason that they’re the best team to lead IU during the 2021-22 school year.

But let’s talk about that IUSG experience, in particular Louden’s. From Sept. 2020 to Jan. 2021, she served as a member of IUSG Congress, representing off-campus housing and chairing the Student Life Committee. 

Though the Congress did tackle some other major issues last semester, there was none more important or pressing than that of the two acts, a bill and a constitutional amendment, regarding congressional seat allocation for multicultural student organizations. The bill was a major step toward ensuring that diverse voices at IU have a clear and permanent place in the student government’s legislative body. 

These acts passed overwhelmingly in Congress on Dec. 14, 2020, with the constitutional amendment receiving 41 votes in favor and 5 votes against and the bill receiving 39 votes in favor and 2 votes against. The constitutional amendment was later ratified by the IU student body on Jan. 22, with 78.8% of students voting in favor.

Louden voted against both of these measures, making her one of just two members of Congress to do so. She cited the legislation as “unfair,” given that she won a campaign for her seat in Congress as opposed to the multicultural seat representatives, who would be appointed. 

Though she cited the legislation’s logistics as her reasoning for voting no, Louden’s lack of foresight and concern on this issue until the last minute is concerning to us as she seeks higher office. 

IUSG needs executive leadership focused on getting things done for the students. We need a team that we can trust to continue the implementation and expansion of the multicultural seat allocation going into next year. And that’s why everyone must vote against the Inspire ticket on April 1 and 2. 


Jerrett Alexander (Off-Campus Representative)

Shems Al-Ubaidi (College of Arts and Sciences Representative)

Lewis Chube (College of Arts and Sciences Representative)

Nathan Ryder (College of Arts and Sciences Representative)

Editor’s note: Jerrett Alexander is a former employee of the Indiana Daily Student.

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