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Weeds: Season 2 Grade: A Extras: B

Suburban chronic

Mary-Louise Parker is smoking!
Mary-Louise Parker is smoking!

Comedies are usually a tough sell for me. It's hard to find something that makes me laugh when most of the "comedy" programming out there consists of garbage like "The King of Queens." But then I found "Weeds" and proceeded to watch the first two seasons in the span of two days, officially developing a dependency that will only be satisfied by subscribing to Showtime to catch Season 3. \nSeason 1 ended with Nancy Botwin (the talented and beautiful Mary-Louise Parker) moving marijuana and accidentally falling for a DEA agent, which is exactly where Season 2 picks up. It's hard in the 'burbs to be a single mom, sell weed and get laid every now and then. What was once a small chance for Nancy to make ends meet has fully blossomed into a chronic enterprise co-headed with friend/partner-in-crime/wannabe-lover Conrad (Romany Malco), where the hottest bag on the block goes by the deserving title of "Milf Weed." Even Snoop Dogg shows up for a few tokes, but nobody said it was easy being a drug dealer. \n"Weeds" works not only because it is high-concept but also because it is high-content. It is incredibly smart, uproariously funny and has a cast that you love or hate on an episode-by-episode basis. \nI've never been one for TV supplements, due mostly to them being uninteresting. This season of "Weeds" offers seven episode commentary tracks, four featurettes (including one on how to properly grow, um, "tomatoes"), a gag reel, Huskeroos commercials and photo montages set to variations of the theme song. All in all, there's nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary, but those featurettes are worth a viewing. \nIf the end of Season 1 left you anxious, by the end of Season 2 your head will be spinning. That's all right though, it just means the effects are finally getting to you.

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