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V is for vomit

Friday, I managed to be duped into seeing a Hollywood film (my third in more than a year), the Wachowski brothers' "V for Vendetta."\nThe film, aside from having an absurd plot, was nothing more than a thinly veiled assault at the conservative movement. Yet I am glad I saw it, because the film captured the essence of the liberal world view, and let me tell all you conservatives out there: you have nothing to worry -- the other side is not dealing with a full deck, as they say.\nEverything in the movie can be summed up into three overriding leftist themes, all of which are grossly mistaken and poorly thought through:\n1. "Hitler syndrome." I coin this term to describe the left's constant association of modern conservatives with Nazis. The film featured a futuristic, totalitarian British state ruled by a Hilter-looking man with a similar name (Adam Sutler -- just change two syllables). The film's dictator, however, was described as a devout Christian member of the conservative party.\nFor the record: Hitler was neither Christian nor conservative. His economic policy was purely Keynesian, the Nazi ideology was borrowed from the moral relativism of Friedrich Nietzsche ("God is dead"), and he preached the destruction of Christianity, saying in 1933, "It is through the peasantry that we shall really be able to destroy Christianity because there is in them a true religion rooted in nature and blood." I also suggest reading Rabbi Dalin's book "The Myth of Hitler's Pope" for the truth about the church's opposition with Nazism.\nThe left's "Nazi!" mantra illustrates their ignorance of historical matters.\n2. Pro-Muslim, anti-Christian. A dissident in the film referred to the "beauty" and "poetry" of the Quran, banned under the fictitious regime. Yet the film featured a completely gratuitous scene of a pedophile Christian bishop. \nNot only does the scene reek of archaic, 19th-century anti-clericalism, but I do believe pedophile priests (about 4 percent of priesthood) are defrocked, but the Prophet Muhammed, whom most Muslims regard as a perfect man, married Aisha and consummated it when he was 52 and she was 9. Again, the left is opening its mouth without thinking -- or even bothering to understand either religion. They are cultural traitors, who seek to defame Western religion only because it is a crucial part of the Western culture they seek to destroy.\n3. Pro-gay. The dictatorship in the film exterminates homosexuals, and the audience gets a very sympathetic portrait of one of its victims.\nThis stance mystifies me, since buggery is no longer a punishable offense among civilians in many non-Islamic countries (in Iran, however, gays are executed) and homosexuals enjoy the most legal privilege and least stigma since the Classical age. I charge that the left only touts gay marriage and gay "rights" to flaunt difference in the face of the Christians they so hate: it's a way of saying, "Ha! You no longer control the law, we do."\nI could go on, but you get the picture: the left is hell-bent on the destruction of the Western civilization that regrettably gave it birth, and they will lie and fabricate to convey their message.

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