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'Rogue Squadron' returns for a 3rd strike

Luke gets a little too upclose and personal with ‘Rebel Strike.’

Rebel Strike, the next chapter in the space shooter Rogue Squadron series, finally allows players to step out of the cockpit for some of the missions.\nRebel Strike also grants players command of a variety of non-starship vehicles, such as AT-ST walkers and speeder bikes. On an excellently portrayed Battle of Hoth level, players control Luke on foot, slicing open of AT-ATs with his lightsaber and tossing in thermal detonators to destroy them. Then Luke must ride back to base on a tauntaun and ward off a pack of AT-STs behind a gun turret before finally hopping in his X-wing to defend fleeing transports. Many of Rebel Strike's levels involve this sort of hectic action, and the game does a good job of giving a since of urgency.\nWhile the fixed camera and unrefined control of the on-foot action can't match the grace of the game's flight missions, it does add a nice touch of variety. The game also boasts beautiful graphics with spectacular lighting and bump mapping effects. But on top of an already sound package, the developers threw in the entire Rogue Squadron II campaign for a cooperative mode, which by itself is enough to merit buying this game.

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