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Monday, Dec. 11
The Indiana Daily Student

Mom, we're on TV

These days, you can find anything on TV.\nStarting Friday, that includes the Indiana Daily Student.\nToday, the IDS launches a partnership with WTIU News Forum, a Friday evening student-run news show. As partners, we'll be sharing ideas and resources. \nYou can already see the results on today's Page One, where Bennett Haeberle's video-capture packages the IDS' coverage on an adult video filmed on campus. Haeberle, who is also an IDS campus editor, will report more on IU's newest controversy on Friday's show.\nAlso, News Forum reporter Marisa Etter will examine the rising costs of textbooks for college students.\nOn Fridays, IDS reporters and editors will have their turn in front of the camera from the IDS newsroom to talk about stories we're developing for the following week.\nIt's all in an effort to give students the news they want, when they want it.\nThe show, WTIU News Forum, appears weekly at 6 p.m. on campus Channel 30 and Insight cable Channel 5.

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