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Tuesday, April 16
The Indiana Daily Student

A new year set to begin

New Chancellor pushes students to learn, explore

In her first major public appearance as Bloomington Chancellor, Sharon Brehm had more in common with the some 6,600 freshman she inducted as IU's Class of 2005 than the line of trustees and administrators that flanked her.\nLike the new students settling into residence hall rooms across campus, Brehm is still fresh to her office overlooking the Sample Gates, having replaced Kenneth Gros Louis July 1. \nWednesday, while President Myles Brand and University Marshal Paul Eisenberg were unfettered singing the IU Alma Mater, Brehm needed to sneak glances at the published copy in the ceremony's program.\nAnd today, as students scatter across campus gobbling up books and become acclimated with thier surroundings, Brehm will be orienting herself to the IU history course she'll be enrolling in this semester.\n"I implore you to learn about Indiana University's rich, complex and absolutely fascinating history," Brehm said. "Part of the joy of being new to IU is becoming aware of all its tradition, its history and its contributions to the life of the state, the nation, and the world.\n"If you haven't enrolled in the one credit course, there is still time," she said, "... and if you attend one of the two orientation sessions, I'll meet you there."\nBrehm asked students who filled the South side of Assembly Hall with their parents to explore the rich IU campus, saying that in time, freshmen won't feel lost, and won't be late for classes.\nBefore officially inducting the freshmen into IU's academic life, Brehm made the Class of 2005 take another pledge: "to attend at least one artistic event such as a musical or theatrical performance or reading of poetry or prose during this semester."\n"Take advantage of the enormous artistic and cultural activities available on the Bloomington campus," Brehm said.\nBrand opened the ceremony after a 10-minute procession of faculty and administrators, referring to Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's 1803 exploration of the American West.\n"Like those who undertook that earlier expedition, you have been hand-picked for your special qualities and achievements," Brand said. "This is not a journey from here-to-there, but a journey that leads to new discoveries, one that opens new worlds."\nBrand, who taught philosophy before his career began as an administrator, told the freshmen and their parents that his door is always open to students. Offering up his e-mail address as well as his office hours, Brand said the new academic year is an exciting time.\n"I love to begin a new school year. As a young philosophy professor, I always got a special thrill on the first day of class, especially with a class of freshmen," Brand said. "I felt like we were beginning a journey together -- one that could lead us to an undiscovered territory."\nVice Chancellor for Enrollment Services Don Hossler broke down IU's newest class. The Class of 2005, with ages 13-29 range from all 50 U.S. states and 40 different countries.\nAsking students to mine all the resources they can from IU, Hossler realized the diversity in each of the 6,600 freshmen.\n"You've all taken different paths to be here," Hossler said, "but whatever path you took, we're glad you're here"

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