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Friday, Dec. 8
The Indiana Daily Student


Around The Arts

62nd IU Writer's Conference begins Sunday\nThis Sunday IU will open its doors to writers from all over the country during its 62nd annual writer's conference. Initiated in 1940 when Herman B Wells was the University's president, the week long event is the second oldest writer's conference in the nation. This year's conference will feature workshops and classes during the day and readings in the evenings. The faculty for this event include notable writers from around the country, most of whom are faculty members at universities. \nThe guest faculty includes poet Mark Doty ("My Alexandria" and "Sweet Machine"); novelist Molly Giles ("Iron Shoes," "Rough Translations," and "Creek Walk and Other Stories"); poet Andrew Hudgins ("Babylon in a Jar," "The Glass Hammer," "The Never-Ending," "After the Lost War," and "Saints and Strangers"); fiction writer Paul Lisicky ("Lawnboy" and "Famous Builder");novelist and IU faculty member Manuel Luis Martinez ("Drift" and "Crossing"); novelist and non-fiction writer Michael Martone ("The Blue Guide to Indiana," "Seeing Eye," "Pensée: The Thoughts of Dan Quayle," "Fort Wayne is Seventh on Hitler's List," and "The Flatness and Other Landscapes"); novelist Erin McGraw ("The Baby Tree"); novelist Reginald McKnight ("He Sleeps" and "I Get on the Bus"); poet Roger Mitchell ("Savage Baggage," "Braid," and "The Word for Everything"); Lucia Perillo ("Dangerous Life," "The Body Mutinies," and "The Oldest Map with the Name America"); and poet Karen Volkman ("Crash's Law").\nThe event costs $200 to attend and an additional $100 for workshops. \nThe workshops are for poetry, non-fiction or fiction. The deadline for applications was on May 10. Workshop attendees can receive University credit. \nThere are four classes that will run from Monday until Thursday. Late registration is on June 23 for $225. Class topics include autobiography, poetry writing, and reading like a writer.\nThose not attending the workshops can attend the free evening readings which will be held on Monday through Wednesday at 8 p.m. and on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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