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Darren Robertson, left, of Landscape Services, and Tim Deckard of Loss Control, help control the burning of dead vegetation next to the Jordan Ave. parking garage. The Nature Trail and Hiking trail at Lake Griffey will be closed starting March 9, 2023, while Bloomington Parks and Recreation conduct a controlled burn to improve plant diversity. 


Sophomore running back Alex Rodriguez runs the ball during a play in the second half against Purdue on Nov. 16, 2016. Rodriguez has kept in touch with his former coach, Deland McCullough, since graduation.


Then-freshman forward Mason Toye rushes toward the ball during the first half of play at the NCAA Men's Soccer Tournament Championship game against Stanford on Dec. 10, 2017, in Chester, Pennsylvania. Toye was selected as the No. 7 pick in the 2018 draft by Minnesota United FC.


Da’Quincy Pittman waits in a wheelchair for his mother to pick him up after his first day back. The wheelchair was a precaution since he still felt lightheaded after collapsing. “It was just like everything shutting down on me,” he said.


Da’Quincy Pittman copies down notes in geometry class. He learned how to find the volume of a sphere before heading back to Fama’s office to rest. The nerves in his foot were aching, as they often do.


Da’Quincy Pittman, right, and a classmate look at Pittman’s schedule to find his first class of the day. Pittman doesn’t always feel safe on the east side. “You gotta watch over your shoulder,” he said. “You gotta watch who you’re around.”


Da’Quincy Pittman smiles while walking to class on his first day back. He doesn’t want to leave Indianapolis, despite the violence. “I gotta stay,” he said. “Too much love, family here.”


An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department cruiser is parked outside the front entrance of James and Rosemary Phalen Leadership Academy in Indianapolis. Cops are stationed at school during the day to improve police relations with the students and de-escalate situations when necessary.

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