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Which one of Beyonce's identities is this?

Dual identities work for Beyonce

Sasha Fierce, Tonya Ferocious, Suzie Sunshine.

Beyonce can call herself whatever she damn pleases if it results in her churning out delectable pop and R&B. For her third solo album, Beyonce has released the two disc I Am ... Sasha Fierce. Disc one is a compilation of personal songs from the singer, while she embodies her diva stage-alter-ego Sasha Fierce on the second.

"Hey, we're the two of the cast members from 'HSM' that will end up on the 'Surreal Life'."

No senioritis here

The sentimental graduation and prom scenes of Disney’s monster hit, “High School Musical 3” made me want to go back to high school – even if it is a fourth-grade, watered-down version of it.

Even with three singer-turned-actress performers, "Secret Life of Bees" fails to entertain.

Boring bees

Hopefully “The Secret Life of Bees” was a good book, because the film adaptation’s slow-moving and heavy-handed plot never allow it to be entertaining.

Only Justin Guarini is a better American Idol-turned- actor.

Not dream worthy

And rather than jumping on the opportunities provided by her success, Hudson took time crafting her self-titled debut album. After such a long wait, the results are enjoyable, but nowhere near as sensational as her “Dreamgirls” performance suggested she could be.

As most fans of the show know, the dog is the star of “Pushing Daisies.”

Fresh-baked fun

With only nine episodes, the season can easily be consumed in one sitting, much like a freshly baked pie. Do it before season two is ready to come out of the oven.

Courtesy photo

The teen screen

American Teen,” a new Sundance prize winning documentary, following the lives of several high-schoolers, hits theaters tomorrow. The movie was filmed in Warsaw, Indiana, and while you may know people from the town, hell you may even know people in the movie, don’t look for any opinions or local insights about the area from this columnist.

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