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Kathryn Moody

Bridging cultures

Mandarin speakers are the majority of IU's international student population. But where can they go for help?

Emily Warren plays the final song of the Marching Hundred's half-time show alongside her fellow band members. Earlier she explained why she loves the idea of being a marching band by saying, “You get to go into a football stadium with all of your friends in front of a huge crowd of people and it gets broadcasted on TV,” she continues. “It’s very cool knowing that, at the end of the day, you’re in a group that others look up to in awe and say ‘Wow, I can’t do that.’”

Tried and True

Emily Warren, a freshman who has never marched before in her life, is about to join the Marching Hundred’s long tradition--and the Midwestern religion known as “marching band.”

Vintage Phoenix manager Matt Traughber's self-illustration

Superpowered stories

Try to imagine a world without superheroes. A world without men and women gallivanting, punching, and eye-lasering for justice. Not easy, huh?

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Annette Kleinhenz is a part-time nurse at Columbus Regional Health in the psychiatric unit. She is currently taking classes at IUPUI to earn her master's degree and become a licensed nurse practitioner.

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