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Assembly Hall has undergone minimal changes since it first opened in 1971. IU fans saw the addition of a $1.99 million state-of-the-art scoreboard in 2005. But very little else looks different from when the 17,456-seat facility first opened 39 years ago. Sunday afternoon, however, marked the dedication of the new basketball development center, Cook Hall.

In less than two days, IU lost two of its top recruiting targets, forwards Cody Larson and Will Yeguete, to Florida. While IU is still in pursuit of an additional big man for the 2010 recruiting class, it has an opportunity to add a former four-star guard in the coming weeks — as a walk-on.

IU closed its 2009-2010 campaign on Thursday. It was a year in which IU improved by four games and completed its second season under coach Tom Crean with a 10-21 record. There were highs and there were lows. But with each game, inch by inch, the team made progress.

Saturday afternoon at Assembly Hall, Tom Crean’s wolf pack grew by three. It was a day honoring four seniors. It was a day in which IU’s one-two punch of sophomore guard Verdell Jones and freshman forward Christian Watford combined for 38 points and 16 rebounds.

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Another game, another loss

It was Senior Night at Mackey Arena on Wednesday, and Tom Crean’s Hoosiers essentially served as a prop in Purdue’s festivities. The Purdue fans bid their farewells to seniors Chris Kramer, Keaton Grant and some guy named Mark Wahlford. The Hoosiers, meanwhile, said hello to their second consecutive 20-loss season in the 74-55 defeat.

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'Pressing' need for change

The story goes that it once rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  But it’s been 41 days since IU’s last victory, as one-by-one the Hoosiers have been hit by a storm of losses ever since the Jan. 21 victory at Penn State.

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IU its own worst enemy in defeat

On Saturday, IU coach Tom Crean told members of the media that “statistics accuse; the film convicts.” Following the Wisconsin loss, the team went through a film session in which individual players were asked to call out their own mistakes. Crean might have his team do the same following IU’s 73-57 loss at Iowa, but this team seems guilty until proven innocent.

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In time, Hoosiers should be fine

Many of you are probably upset with how the Hoosiers are playing, especially of late. You might be frustrated with the players. You might be frustrated with Crean. But if anyone expected a quick fix in Crean’s attempt to right the S.S. Hoosier ship through these “uncharted waters,” then you’ve gone off the deep end.

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IU needs to overcome internal woes

When IU lost to No. 11 Michigan State last March, it was the team’s eighth-straight loss and the 19th in 20 games. Yet after the way the Hoosiers performed against the eventual NCAA Tournament runner-up Spartans this year, there wasn’t much with which to be disappointed.

After falling to No. 13 Ohio State on Wednesday, IU will play at No. 11 Wisconsin on Saturday and No. 10 Michigan State at home Tuesday.  Outside of the Big East Conference’s Providence Friars — currently in the middle of a four-game stretch consisting of No. 7 Georgetown, No. 4 Villanova, No. 5 West Virginia and No. 2 Syracuse — no other team in the country is facing a tougher span of games than the Hoosiers. But while Providence is facing the Murderers’ Row of the Big East during a 15-day period, IU’s difficult three-game stretch is taking place in a week’s time.

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Hoosiers outplayed in big loss

The NBA All-Star Game 2010 Weekend won’t begin until Friday, but Wednesday’s IU and Ohio State game at Assembly Hall had the looks of it. There was plenty of dunking – alley-oops, two-handed flushes and a near-perfect windmill attempt by Ohio State’s William Buford. There were a fair amount of 3-pointers shot.

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