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Jeff Shireman

Brand warns of possible tuition hike

INDIANAPOLIS -- IU President Myles Brand warned a state house committee Tuesday that the quality of University faculty and the long-term economic health of the state were at risk because of a freeze of higher education spending in Gov. Frank O'Bannon's two-year budget proposal. Brand told the Indiana House Ways and Means committee Tuesday that IU would have to raise tuition 3 percent -- before inflation -- to break even under the governor's budget plan. But he said his biggest concern was retaining quality faculty members.

Delts settle decade-old rape lawsuit

After a legal battle that lasted a decade, lawyers for Delta Tau Delta fraternity, 1431 N. Jordan Ave., and alumna Tracy Johnson Guthrie have settled a rape lawsuit that dates back to 1990. Guthrie's attorney, Ron Elberger of Bose, McKinney and Evans in Indianapolis, said the case was settled December. The parties signed a confidentiality agreement and cannot discuss its terms, he said. "It's resolved, and that's it," Elberger said. He said all parties to the lawsuit were pleased with the outcome. Delts' lawyer, Douglas B. King of Wooden & McLaughlin in Indianapolis, could not be reached for comment.

An honor to serve

By the third week of publication, we were all seasoned veterans. By the fourth week, we were trying to catch up in classes. The Fall 2000 Indiana Daily Student staff wraps up its semester today. We've tried from the beginning to write about what matters -- from coverage of our soccer team's final four run to the local music scene. But 10 years from now, what we'll remember are two stories -- basketball legend Bob Knight's firing and the still undetermined presidential election. The irony is, at the beginning of the semester, I thought I missed the big basketball story. I spent my summer working at a newspaper in Frankfort, Ky. I watched the Neil Reed incident play out into Knight's agreement to abide by the zero-tolerance standard.

A Hoosier's heartache

Bob Knight looked tired. Friday, as the national media swarm descended upon Bloomington, the coach leaned his head against a wall in an Assembly Hall office. His blue-jean shorts, tennis shoes and casual shirt proved how unexpectedly the latest incident hit him. Maybe he should have expected this.

'IDS' editor charged with 4 misdemeanors

A night of birthday celebration went horribly awry for IDS Assistant Arts Editor Joseph S. Pete, a sophomore. Pete, 19, of Wright Quad, was arrested at 2:27 a.m. Thursday at the Foster Quad Center Building and charged with possession of marijuana less than 30 grams, illegal consumption, resisting law enforcement and public intoxication, all misdemeanors, according to the IU Police Department.

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