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Claire McElwain

Leno's roast wasn't funny, just uncomfortable

It’s not a secret amongst my friends, family, and really even people who don’t know me all that well that I’m a big Jimmy Fallon fan.Big.In fact I’ve been waiting all year for an opportunity to devote a column to what I think is the world’s most adorable human being, never finding a good enough reason other than, well, that.All mild obsessions aside, I think most late night viewers and comedy fans would agree that there isn’t anyone as kind-hearted and genuine as Fallon.

Whats with Renee?

Breaking news struck the country last week, shocking millions, sparking a frenzy of media coverage.

It's their life

A 29 year-old female made national news with her decision to partake in medically-assisted suicide.After weighing all possible courses of action, Brittany Maynard decided that rather than treating her inoperable brain tumor, she will end her life through prescribed medication, known as “dying with dignity.”The subject of doctor-assisted suicide is clearly controversial.The practice of dying with dignity is only allowed in a few states.

Jacobs School pride

Jacobs reigns again and although I couldn’t be more academically unaffected, I definitely couldn’t be more proud.The Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music was recently named to be the #1 music college in the United States by, beating out world-renowned Juilliard in New York City and multiple Ivy League institutions.

Blasting Miss America

Miss America has become a controversial conversation topic lately, and it doesn’t have anything to do with her evening wear.The newly crowned Miss America Kira Kazantsev has been accused, with pretty significant force, of extreme sorority hazing during her time as a member of the Alpha Phi sorority at Hofstra University.

Flossing a line

Miley Cyrus has officially outdone herself.Instead of sticking to her usual habit of just offending select audiences and viewers with her disgusting mannerisms, she has now taken to offending an entire nation.While performing in Mexico last week, Cyrus allowed one of her backup dancers to grope her

Product loyalty or value

Another generation of the iPhone has proven once again that Apple still reigns in the cellular technological world.Columnists Riley Zipper and Jessica Karl touched on this within the last few weeks, with different reviews of

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