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Friday, June 21
The Indiana Daily Student


Flossing a line

Miley Cyrus has officially outdone herself.

Instead of sticking to her usual habit of offending select audiences and viewers with her disgusting mannerisms, she has now taken to offending an entire nation.

While performing in Mexico last week, Cyrus allowed one of her backup dancers to grope her with a small replica of the Mexican flag. And it wasn’t an accident, as these things sometimes are.

Cyrus wore a massive foam butt onstage, and the backup dancer “flossed” it with the flag. Any girl who wears thongs knows what I’m talking about.

To top it off, the performance Cyrus gave was during a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day.

I’ve had enough of the shtick. Though I never once found it funny or entertaining, I understood to a point her need for some new type of self-expression.

Piggy-backing on a stage personality that women-of-color performers and singers have done for years, a curvaceous and dominant performance was simply her way of saying she’s not like other white pop stars.

It was a fairly decent public relations move. At least she was sure she wouldn’t be lumped in with the Ariana Grandes of the world.

While Cyrus walked the border of racism and insensitivity multiple times, it seems she’s finally crossed the line.

If she wants to go onstage in front of millions of people and humiliate herself, that’s her prerogative.

However, more than a year after her first onstage twerk fest, my patience has worn thin.

I know I sound like a broken record, but this is the kind of garbage I get sick of seeing reported continually on CNN.

Cyrus has gone way past a need for self-expression and a desire to unveil some demonstration of a ?newfound personality.

This is a blatant disrespect for an entire country, its citizens and its most significant day. Luckily for us living in normalcy and unluckily for Miley, a local Mexican lawmaker thought so, too.

He now is moving for punishment to be given to Cyrus, which she somehow finds completely shocking. But let me break this down even more ?plainly for you.

She was bent over on stage, during a national holiday celebration for a guest country, wearing a ?prosthetic butt.

Worst of all, though, isn’t her inappropriate wardrobe or dancing, but her comfort in acting in such a way.

If I thought ranting about how distasteful I thought Cyrus is would do anything to change her behavior and the media’s coverage of it, I’d take up all the available space left in this newspaper and then some.

But all I can really say is, props to the Mexican ?lawmaker.

Cyrus absolutely should be punished for this latest behavioral infraction, and whether that means a large monetary fine or legal ?action, I don’t really care.

As long as there is some repercussion for her actions, not just a spike in foam finger sales, I will feel like this latest revolting Miley Cyrus moment didn’t end in vain.

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