Carrie Schedler

Speaker of the House Brian Bosma pounded his gavel six times to start yet another meeting in which nothing could happen. Along with the rumble of 200 booing protesters, he said this made the House chambers feel more like a football game than a legislative session.

Feb 28, 2011 12:16 am

Democrats remain absent from work

Rallies in support of the exiled House Democrats, currently hiding out at a hotel in Urbana, Ill., took place during the weekend in cities all across Indiana.Democrats maintain they won’t be back in Indiana to continue Statehouse business until a compromise is reached on 11 bills they find problematic.

Feb 24, 2011 1:07 am

Union protesters crowd Statehouse

Wednesday was the third-straight day of protests at the Statehouse. The debate centered around House Bill 1468, which would prohibit employers from requiring their employees to join unions as a condition of employment.

Brian Macken died Tuesday following an incident at Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity house Friday, but Russell and friends like Dave Snopkowski will always remember Macken as an energetic, loving and loyal guy who cared about everyone like family.