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Ben Phelps

COLUMN: The Fourth Estate

Washington, D.C. — I’ve never seen so many signs.

But of the hundreds on the National Mall on Saturday, one struck me as especially poignant: “When comedians are our Fourth Estate, we’re in trouble.”

New loophole means political donations rise at cost to transparency

Since 1907, corporations have been restricted by how much they can give to political campaigns. That is, until now.

As of last week, spending by outside organizations to influence congressional elections is up more than 60 percent compared to the same period in 2006, according to a report by the Sunlight Foundation.

Recession lacks growth necessary to add jobs

Consumers aren’t spending, businesses aren’t hiring and neither have any confidence the other will do so. In one of the worst economies in history, everyone wonders (but no one knows) what will happen next.

Think before you move

College is the time when students begin thinking about the rest of their lives. Degrees. Careers. Marriage. Kids. Golden retrievers. White picket fences.

The memorial adjacent to the McNutt bus stop grows as more people react to the death of Peter Duong.

Fatal accident raises safety concerns

Less than 24 hours after a car accident on Fee Lane killed sophomore Peter Duong, IU announced Thursday that it would review the current traffic and pedestrian patterns to determine if any changes should be made.

38 years down, 1 semester to go

Dean of Students Dick McKaig could teach a class on getting pied in the face.

The self-proclaimed “expert” could lecture for hours on how the first three or four pies taste good, or how the Cool Whip eventually gets rancid, or how your clothes get stiff.

“I’ve had many a T-shirt or hat that came out rather starched from having done a pie-in-the-face routine,” McKaig said.

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