Alen Simic

arts  •  Aug 10, 2011 7:43 pm

On top of the world: Hope and Home

For miles we saw nothing but the peculiar pastel-colored homes we’d grown so accustomed to until we arrived at what looked to be a construction site. This unfinished building, consisting of nothing but cement walls and dusty unfinished floors, was the orphanage.

The residents of Kathmandu were on strike. It would not be last time the city’s inhabitants would close their storefronts, blockade roads and refuse to provide taxi services for the duration of my stay here.

Kathmandu, Nepal. The glamour of this place had all but evaporated upon closer inspection. Though Nepal may be home to extraordinary natural beauty, history and culture, it has also become home to an unstable government, civil unrest and immense poverty.

Located in Bloomington’s west side neighborhood, The Owlery, a vegetarian food restaurant co-owned by musicians Ryan Woods and Toby Foster, yielded a successful opening night, serving about 100 to 120 customers.

Kick starting its 25th season, the Monroe County Civic Theater will be presenting Clark Gesner’s four-time Tony award-nominated, and two-time winning, revised musical production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

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