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What the health care bills have in common

Both the Senate and House bills would require every American to purchase health insurance. The bills would prohibit insurance companies from rejecting buyers with pre-existing health conditions.

Saudi teen to be beaten, imprisoned after having phone at school

A teenage girl has been sentenced to a 90-lash flogging and two months in prison as punishment for assaulting a teacher, a Saudi judge said in an interview published Sunday.

Amnesty International said the assault happened after the girl was caught with a camera phone at school.

Drone shot down over Pakistan

A suspected U.S. drone crashed in Pakistan near the Afghan border Sunday, a rare mishap for a program Washington has increasingly relied on to kill Taliban and Al-Qaida militants, said intelligence officials and a local resident.

USCG crews contain crude oil spill

The Coast Guard worked Sunday to contain and clean a crude oil spill in a Texas port. It was contained in a 2-mile area and was not believed to have hurt local wildlife, the Coast Guard said.

FBI: man’s action not terrorism

Authorities have released a man who tried to open an exterior door on an airplane while it was in flight with more than 100 people aboard.

Meteorite strikes Va. doctors office

Doctors at a small practice in Lorton, Va., got a big surprise when a tennis ball-sized meteorite punched a hole through their roof. No one was injured.

Study examines terrorist dropouts

A new study suggests family ties might play an important role in a person’s willingness to commit terrorist acts.

The report by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy looked at dozens of terrorists, trying to figure out what motivates terror dropouts and how others might be influenced to turn their backs on violent operations.

Anti-Islam legislator faces trial for hate speech comments

Around 200 supporters of Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders demonstrated outside an Amsterdam court Wednesday at the start of his criminal trial for allegedly inciting hate against the Netherlands’ Muslim minority.

Pope plans summit on child abuse

Ireland’s Roman Catholic bishops are being summoned next month to an exceptional Vatican summit with Pope Benedict XVI to shape the pontiff’s response to child-abuse scandals, church officials said Wednesday.

In major upset, GOP’s Brown wins Mass. Senate race

BOSTON — In an epic upset in liberal Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown rode a wave of voter anger to win the U.S. Senate seat held by the late Edward M. Kennedy for nearly half a century, leaving President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul in doubt and marring the end of his first year in office.

Greek debt crisis keeps EU finance officials on edge, threatens the euro

European Union finance ministers are pressing the indebted and riot-prone Greece to embrace a massive austerity plan and plug its debilitating deficit. But with many skeptical and little appetite for more bailouts, there are deepening concerns that a Greek meltdown could deal a severe blow to the idea of a common currency and set off a domino effect through Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Professor debates economic power

In 1992, Chairman Deng Xiaoping uttered the famous phrase, “To get rich is glorious.” Since that historic quote, which was followed by market liberalizations, a wave of entrepreneurial activity and foreign investment, China has prospered.

With this unparalleled rise, China’s economy seems to be an unstoppable force. However, one IU professor says China might be overhyped and, more importantly, overvalued monetarily.

Surgery tech admits stealing painkillers

A surgery technician who infected three dozen people with hepatitis C and might have exposed thousands of others by switching used syringes with ones filled with a powerful painkiller says she got careless and doesn’t expect to be forgiven.

Police arrest man with harem

An Israeli man has been arrested on suspicion of enslavement, rape and incest, police said Thursday.

Police say Goel Ratzon kept 17 women in a state of near-total obedience in the Tel Aviv area. Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said they bore him 37 children, some born to his own daughters.


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