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Saturday, April 20
The Indiana Daily Student


USCG crews contain crude oil spill

The Coast Guard worked Sunday to contain and clean a crude oil spill in a Texas port. It was contained in a 2-mile area and was not believed to have hurt local wildlife, the Coast Guard said.

An 800-foot tanker collided with a towing vessel near Port Arthur Saturday; the tide lifted the ships and they separated without more oil being spilled, Petty Officer Richard Brahm said.

It’s still not clear how much oil is in the water and how much remains in the tanker, Brahm said.

The ship’s crew members said they pumped 69,000 barrels from the damaged tank that carried 80,000 barrels, so they could not account for about 450,000 gallons, Brahm said
The oil was contained using boom, which Brahm described as a plastic wall placed in the water to stop the oil from spreading.

He said they were using skimmers to suck oil and water from the surface and place it in bags.

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