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LETTER: Celebrate Black History Month at IU

As part of Indiana University’s commitment to create environments in which all students, faculty, and staff feel welcomed, the university is proud to honor the backgrounds and identities of the members of IU’s community through heritage month celebrations. Through programming and other means of support, IU’s Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs (OVPDEMA) endorses: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (April), LGBT Pride Month (June), Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month (September), LGBT History Month (October), and Native American Heritage Month (November). And of course, February is Black History Month. When it comes to the heritage months, I believe that as a community, IU should be curious about learning more about all cultures throughout the year — not just for a month at a time.

LETTER: Trump's totem pole

If I can be completely honest, I am scared for the direction this country is taking. How are we expected to teach younger generations about respect for others’ differences when our nation’s leader consistently double-downs on supporting his inflamatory rhetoric.

LETTER: Indiana deserves better than Holcomb-Crouch

The people of this state deserve leaders who have outlined specifics regarding moving Indiana forward, not just another politician carrying this state because of the R in front of his name.

Letter to the editor #2

I’m happy that others are voting for third-party candidates and thereby abandoning the Republican and Democratic parties.

Letter to the editor #3

The idea that victims need to be believed without first trying the potential criminal would destroy the concept of due process.

Letter to the editor #1

No doubt many on campus are happy with Dunn’s Woods being lit at night, but for others, it’s yet another sad chapter in our turning night into day across campus.


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