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Tuesday, Dec. 5
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion letters

LETTER: IU College Republicans denounce Charlottesville racism

The United States spent billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives fighting Nazism 70 years ago. IU College Republicans, then, are disturbed to see the grandchildren of these brave veterans embracing the very hatred their families sacrificed so much to defeat. This is a national betrayal of the highest order and one that will not be tolerated in our organization or any associated with the GOP. 

The events transpiring last week in Charlottesville, Virginia show that the words of Thomas Jefferson are as true today as they were when this great country was founded: "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance." Terrorist attacks demonstrate again and again the need for this vigilance. If Americans are to protect our liberty, we must come together in condemning supremacist ideologies. There is no place for this ideology in our organization or our political party. Our organization embraces many different and sometimes contradictory viewpoints in our membership, but this is not one of them. Racists need not apply. 

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