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Sunday, Dec. 3
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion letters

LETTER: Encourage students to vote

Recently the Indiana Daily Student published an editorial about the Indiana University Student Association voter turnout being a disappointment. Although the student government is important to the university, I believe that the low turn-out rate for this small IU election is a perfect representation of what the national election turn-out for our generation is.

We need to be encouraged to get out and vote. Like this article explains, we should have a government that we can be proud of and that we feel we have a voice to control. How can our generation have such high values and opinions, yet we do not get out there and voice it?

The IUSA is very important, however I have never been directly affected by the organization. I do not ever see anything that they do for our campus, but they still beg for our votes. Most of our generation sees what the government does every day, yet we have a low voter turn-out rate. I find it hard to see why individuals would get out and vote for the IUSA when they will not out even get out and vote for a national election.

As a campus we need to start to bring awareness and encouragement to get our campuses to register to vote. Also to find ways to get students out to the polling stations to vote for national government and our campus government.

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