The Apache Relay plays the Bishop

By brancook
Published Feb 20, 2014 2:09 pm

The Apache Relay; The Bishop

Thursday, 9:30 PM

10$ cover

Audacious is just one word you can use to describe The Apache Relay-- a folk, indie rock outfit that illustrates the long, lonely search for self with a style rooted in folk but evolving into a poppy indie rock, ending up with something completely, wonderfully different. Comparisons have already been drawn between Apache and Mumford & Sons, Apache and Springsteen, Apache and Arcade Fire, but let me be the first to draw the comparison between Apache and Glen Hansard's later Frames--particularly on a song like Home is Not Places. Granted, the composition is very Mumford, but the lyrics-- much ado about finding a place to rest while shouldering the weight of the world on your backs --suggest a "Dance the Devil" that finally found its upbeat.

Post by Brandon Cook

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