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Friday, June 14
The Indiana Daily Student

What do you really need? De-influencing housing ‘must-haves’


It’s your first home away from home. The pressure is on: How do you make this space yours? What items do you need to live comfortably? With so many options, it’s natural to turn to the internet for advice. 

There are millions of articles listing apartment necessities and college housing must-haves. But how many of these “necessities” do you actually need? Let a real apartment-dwelling college student tell you what you don’t actually need and provide more useful alternatives. 

Leave on the shelf: The can opener 

Many move-in guides will tell you to buy a can opener. What you don’t realize is that every other college student also bought a can opener. Before you know it, you and your roommates have four can openers with no cans in sight. 

If you normally eat a lot of canned goods,having your own can opener is certainly appealing. The most common sick-remedy — canned soup — comes in a can, but they are usually peel-offs nowadays. 

Could actually help: A meat thermometer 

If you are planning to cook for yourself, a meat thermometer is a necessity. Don’t leave your chicken temperature up to chance — remember, it’s 165 degrees Fahrenheit! 

Leave on the shelf: Liquid detergent 

If you haven’t already learned from living in a dorm, detergent pods are the way to go. In many apartments, you will have to carry your laundry up or down a flight of stairs. It’s much easier to pop a couple pods in your laundry bag than it is to carry a whole jug of detergent. Also, the jugs of detergent can get messy and sticky. Leave them in the past! 

Could actually help: A fabric shaver 

Aside from investing in some detergent pods, another laundry hack is shaving your sweaters. In the colder months, everyone wears thicker fabrics that are susceptible to pilling and shedding. Buy a fabric shaver and eliminate pills and lint. This helps the longevity of your clothes. 

Leave on the shelf: The living room rug 

If your housing has hardwood floors, I would advise you not to spend any extra money on buying an area rug. A rug may look nice, but it will be harder to clean. When it comes to spills, it’s much easier to wipe something up than it is to remove a stain. Rugs may also retain unpleasant odors. 

Could actually help: A spray mop 

A good spray mop is a lifesaver. With just a few swipes, the floor is clean of dirt and dust, and the room is left smelling nice. 

Leave on the shelf: Your 800 water bottles and mug collection 

I know we all have an emotional support water bottle, but one is all you need. You will likely have limited storage space — especially in the kitchen — and water bottles and mugs take up more space than you think. If you don’t drink hot coffee or tea, don’t bring any mugs. You won’t need them. 

Could actually help: Your freshman year mini fridge 

Many people bring their mini fridge to keep in their rooms. I have one roommate whose entire room fridge is dedicated to Diet Coke. This could be you! In all seriousness, space in the communal fridge will run out and you might want to keep some things to yourself.

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