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Sunday, April 21
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Busy schedule? Here are ways to stay organized this school year


In college, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything in your life. Whether you are a first-year student trying to navigate your first finals season, or a senior juggling class and extracurriculars, here are some ways you can stay organized this school year.   

Buy a planner  

Many students use a physical planner to stay organized during the school year. During my freshman year I used a physical planner to track all my assignments and club activities. Many planners have pages dedicated for each day of the week where you can write down any readings or assignments you need to complete, as well as classes and meetings.  

You can find many planners on Amazon for less than $20. However, if you want to shop locally, you can purchase physical planners from Morgensterns Books or the Book Corner 

Start using a digital calendar  

If you do not want to carry around an extra item in your backpack, you may opt for using a digital calendar that you can access through your phone or computer. There are plenty of great free digital calendar options available for students – such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar – that can help you track assignments, classes, extracurricular activities and more.  

IU students can also access a digital calendar through their Outlook account. If you email someone an invitation to a Zoom, Microsoft Teams or phone meeting, this calendar can automatically add those meetings to your schedule. Like other digital calendars, you can also add your classes and events. 

My personal favorite digital calendar to use is Google Calendar. Google Calendar is accessible through a website and an app, so you can update the calendar from either your phone or computer. I like to use the Google Calendar tasks feature, which allows you to check off to-do items throughout the day.  

Personalize your scheduling systems by using notion 

Notion is a popular app and website that allows users to track information and agendas all in the same space. For those who can never find the perfect planner or do not like the layout of digital planners, Notion may be the best choice for you. Users can design and customize their own webpages to include pictures, quotes, and lists. Many people use Notion to track their daily habits, routines, reading and more.  

If designing your own planning system seems daunting, you can download Notion templates online to best fit your organizing needs. 

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