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Saturday, Dec. 2
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Having trouble staying organized as a student? Try one of these methods


Staying organized in college can feel like you’re juggling a million to-dos. Between papers, exams, club meetings and more, you’ll need to keep track of your life — in a way that works for you. There are a million and one methods to get organized out there, but here are a few of the basics:

If you like the classics, go for an agenda

We all had one as kids, usually handed out by our high schools — we might have scrawled a few notes about a calculus test or tomorrow’s homework. But there are agendas out there in whatever style you like, each with its own features. It’s a simple, easy way to keep yourself on track with your ramped-up, college-level day to day.

Agendas have a built-in schedule that you can fill in, and often have a space for notes that’s great for reminders! It can help make sure you’re on track with that semester project (and that you remember the midterm is next week).

If you need your own thing, try bullet journaling

Bullet journaling started out as a “mindfulness practice that works like a productivity system,” according to the organizational method’s creator, Ryder Carroll. If you follow the original practice, you’ll keep track of your to-dos, events and thoughts, all marked with simple, distinctive symbols, every day.

That’s bullet journaling at its most basic; however, people have taken the idea and run with it. If you’re in college, you might set it up by week or month to make sure you’re not missing something for next class. Bullet journaling can also be a great creative or meditative outlet — I use this method, and I love busting out my colored pens and taking the time to review the month to come.

If you work better online, check out Notion

If you haven’t heard of Notion, it’s an app designed to keep your notes and organizational information in the same place. You can create to-do lists and calendars, track projects and even link to other applications, such as Zoom or Google Drive. For some people, it goes beyond class assignments — I know people who keep their grocery lists in their Notions!

Having everything you need in one app is part of the reason it’s so beloved by college students. The other is Notion’s options for customization. You can make your page distinctly yours, with pictures, quotes and more.

Your perfect method will work for your life; that is, it’ll stick. No matter what you choose, it won’t be helpful if you don’t keep up with it! Make sure you’re still writing down dates and planning ahead once it’s no longer new and exciting. You’ll thank yourself later.

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