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Wednesday, May 29
The Indiana Daily Student


COLUMN: Best places to thrift in Bloomington


I’m sure you have heard about overconsumption. We all know how fast fashion is slowly killing our planet, hence why thrifting and buying second-hand is better than online shopping. Not only are we shopping sustainably, but we’re also saving money. Plus, there’s an undeniable satisfaction that comes from finding the perfect piece after looking through the whole thrift store that buying a top from Princess Polly does not match.  

I know Goodwill is a very popular place to start your thrifting journey, but there are much better options. Goodwill was meant for people who cannot afford higher priced clothing, and I think that’s how we should keep it. It's not meant for people who can afford more. Goodwill is not a company you should make money off of, it's a company you give money to. It's a place for people who need it, not for people who want it.  

Thrifting has become something trendy to do with friends on the weekends, but not too long ago, places like Goodwill were meant  for people who could not afford new things. If you want to thrift, but don’t need to, here are some places that are meant for you:  

Antique Mall on West Seventh Street  

The Antique Mall in Bloomington is a little further downtown than a lot of students go, but the 15 minute walk from Sample Gates is worth it. At the mall, there are so many beautiful antiques from lamps, to sofas, to kitchenware. You can find large furniture staples or small decor you might need to spice up your dorm or apartment as well. Vintage mirrors, porcelain figurines and cool art are just the beginning of it.  

Of course, they also have clothes. The clothes and shoes are a little scattered so you will have to be patient to find your size or style, but trust me, it is worth the wait. I bought a brown leather jacket from the ‘90s for $20. If you’re looking for a store where you can find home decor and clothes all in one place, you should go to the Antique Mall. 

Skullznbunniez on West Kirkwood Avenue 

Skullznbunniez is a vintage clothing store at Fountain Square Mall in front of the courthouse downtown. I first found out about the store online. The owner, Indiana Coté, does Instagram live sales every Monday where she shows a whole rack of what she has in the store. I absolutely loved shopping on the lives, but when I went to the store for the first time, I knew I loved that even more — shopping in store is so much more exciting.  

The pieces you will find at Skullznbunniez are truly unique and fairly priced. The only way I can describe it to someone that has not been there is: it's like regular thrifting, but you don’t have to search too far to find something you love. I have been going to the store for more than a year now and I never get bored. Pieces are restocked every week, so even if you go every weekend like me, you will still have new things to look at and buy.  

SLCT on North Walnut Street 

If you like thrifting t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies and oversized jackets, SLCT is the place for you. The store really caters to that skater boy/girl vibe. Most of their pieces are fairly priced, but even if you think they’re too expensive, they have a bin with $5 items in the middle of the store. They throw in t-shirts mostly, but sometimes they have shorts, sweaters and hoodies, too. The store also has jeans and the NASCAR jackets that everyone is so into right now. IU merch is always a must when you go to SLCT; they have dozens of different IU sweaters and crewnecks. If you want to be game day ready in the cold, definitely visit SLCT.  

I hope these places give you the thrill of thrifting without having to go to Goodwill. I know the prices at these stores, even though they’re fair, cannot compare to the low pricing at Goodwill. However, I think we should leave more affordable options to the ones who need them, and not just take them because we want to. 

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