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Sunday, June 16
The Indiana Daily Student

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What your favorite tailgating food says about you as a football fan


After months of waiting, Indiana football returns this weekend, which can only mean one thing. Tailgating is back.

As you indulge in the classic tailgating snacks this weekend, I bring up a serious question: have you ever wondered what the implications of your favorite tailgating snack are?

Well do not fret, I am here to educate. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what your favorite tailgating food says about you as a football fan.

Hamburger or hot dog

If the first thing you are grabbing at the tailgate is a hamburger or hot dog, you mean business. You understand that there is a long day ahead and you do not want to be hungry at halftime.

Buffalo chicken dip

While you may not care about the outcome of the football game, you take the tailgate very seriously. Just like a tortilla chip pairs perfectly with buffalo chicken dip, you pair perfectly with an early morning tailgate.

Soft pretzel bites and beer cheese

If you are grabbing soft pretzel bites at the tailgate, chances are you were dragged here. You didn’t really want to come, but at least snacks are provided.

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Chips and salsa

This is a snack that resembles friendship. You sneak a few chips into your mouth as you socialize with your friends at the tailgate.


Everyone needs a donut lover at their tailgate. Their soul is as sweet as the treat. These are the fans you look to for comfort when your team blows a lead in the fourth quarter.

Chicken nuggets

The fans who love chicken nuggets are also the fans who love school spirit. You are decked out in your team colors and never short of best-dressed.


Chili is reserved for the diehard fans. Just like your grandmother’s chili recipe, these fans’ loyalty will never change.

Fruit salad

If you are eating fruit at a tailgate, you are a full optimist. No matter how tough the competition is, you always believe your team can win.

Whichever tailgate delicacy you identify with, just know the tailgate wouldn’t be the same without you.

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