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Tuesday, May 21
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week's hot takes


Danny William: Can Tom Cruise really save cinema? Probably not. But I will gladly watch him jump out of planes and shatter all the bones in his feet for six more movies, please. 

Elizabeth Valadez: Streaming services create too much indecision. Say there’s a family movie night. When you watch a movie on DVD, there has to be some compromise. It’s not as simple as scrolling through movie options for hours and changing the movie with a click of a button when it’s not what you expected. DVDs will reign supreme. 

Jared Quigg: Taylor Swift recently dropped her “Taylor’s Version” of her masterpiece “Speak Now,” which featured six previously unheard vault tracks. Here’s how they rank, from worst to best:  

6. “Castles Crumbling” – a bit forgettable, honestly. 

5. “Electric Touch” – too much Fall Out Boy, but still very catchy and fun to shout your lungs out to in the car. 

4. “When Emma Falls in Love” – a gorgeous song, one of the most beautiful on the entire record. 

3. “I Can See You” – Taylor Swift meets The Clash on one of the album’s most fun songs. 

2. “Timeless” – the lyrics might be a little too Hallmark movie for everyone, but I’m obsessed, and that chorus? Just perfect. 

1. “Foolish One” – Fooooooolish one, stop. Checking your maaailbox for confessions of love that ain’t ever gonnnnna come. Inshallah it never leaves my head.   

Natalie Fitzgibbons: Hot sand should not be a thing. Imagine enjoying a nice couple of hours on the beach. Everything is perfect, the sun, the temperature, the water, and then BAM! You leave the water, and you have to make a long trek in hot sand. You have two options: run, and ensure the pain, or walk, also painful. There has to be a system put in place! 

Isabella Vesperini: Star Wars is not good, period. I think it’s too complicated and there are too many movies and storylines to keep track of. The plot itself isn’t very interesting to me in the first place either. People hype it up way too much. 

Gentry Keener: We should normalize string cheese as an adult snack. I feel like there isn’t much else to add to that. Let the adults eat string cheese without judgement! Picture it: a charcuterie board but with string cheese. Exceptional. It’s just cheese in a different form. But suddenly when you’re over the age of 12 it’s no longer acceptable. Let them eat cheese!  

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