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Friday, June 14
The Indiana Daily Student

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Column: Must-have songs for your summer playlist


As June starts and the weather heats up, making a new playlist of music is the perfect way to kick off the new season. Whether you’re listening to music while hanging out in the backyard with friends or going on a walk through town, these songs embody the good energy that summertime brings.  

Hot and Heavy - Lucy Dacus  

This song just feels like the dog days of summer with the build up of energy from start to finish and the sound of the jangly guitar. Though the song speaks of lost love, the fact that the song has a danceable beat is an interesting contrast. This is a good song for driving anywhere, particularly with the windows down.  

Uncle John’s Band - Grateful Dead 

Grateful Dead is a band with consistently summer-sounding music, but this song especially has that feeling. I remember my parents playing this song when I’d go swimming and it truly does have a relaxed, poolside-type vibe. With a catchy chorus, you’ll find yourself singing along by the time the song ends.  

Fight - The Lemon Twigs  

This band’s 2020 album “Songs for the General Public” is an alternative rock album that feels like bands of the 1970s, like Big Star or The Kinks. This track is bright and energetic, with uplifting harmonies through the chorus.  

Cut Your Hair - Pavement  

College rock is summer music in my mind, and it comes down to the fact that much of this type of music has a youthful feel. Pavement is a lyrically sarcastic band, making it lighthearted, lively music for summertime.  

20191009 I Like Her - Mac DeMarco  

Out of Mac DeMarco’s recent 199-song album, there are a plethora of songs that work well with summer. Demarco’s alternative surf rock sound is heavily present in this sweet love song featured on the album. It feels like spending a lazy summer evening on the porch with someone you love.  

Say You’ll Be There - Spice Girls  

Spice Girls bring a sort of sass to the summer, and this song is especially perfect for channeling that energy. This is true for their entire 1996 album “Spice,” but this song makes for a poppy track perfect for dancing and singing your way through the season.  

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