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Friday, April 19
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COLUMN: Useful tips for planning the perfect picnic


Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to think of all the fun ways to make the most of the beautiful weather. I love bringing my friends together to enjoy a good picnic on a nice summer night. Whether your picnic staples include food or good views, it’s best to have a plan. For the most relaxing time outside, consider these ideas when planning your next picnic.  

Beach picnic  

Because my home is near the beach, I spend a lot of my summers having beach picnics. I bring a big blanket that I don’t care much about and lay it on the sand. I like going at sunset because the temperature is cooler, and the view is always pretty. I love making turkey sandwiches with tomatoes, cucumbers, Swiss cheese, lettuce and honey mustard on a pretzel roll. I usually bring chips and salsa, grapes and pretzel thins as sides. I try to keep my beach picnics simple, so the cleanup isn’t messy with all the sand. I always bring a speaker so my friends and I can listen to our favorite songs. While there are many people who don’t live near the beach, most people live near some type of body of water. There is usually some sort of lake within a good distance, at least in the Midwest.  

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Sushi picnic 

I love making sushi picnics because the meal is so delicious and fun to eat outside. You can choose to picnic wherever for this one, but I typically visit the nearest nature preserve and find a nice hill with a good view. I pick up my favorite sushi on the way, and if I am in Bloomington, I get my favorite sushi from Ami. I typically order the Ultimate Rainbow or the Chicken Katsu Crunch under the chef specials. I also always order a side of chicken fried rice, white rice and potstickers. I like to have many options at my picnics because I hate running out of food too fast — and you can’t go wrong with a plentiful dish like sushi.  

Charcuterie picnic  

Charcuterie boards are my favorite appetizers to make at home, but what better way to enjoy them than at a picnic? I like to visit the nearest farm and pack up my favorite charcuterie goodies to enjoy. I always bring a variety pack of meats that usually includes salami, prosciutto and capocollo. I love the fig and olive crisps from Trader Joe’s, but since Bloomington doesn’t have one, I buy the cracker variety box from Good & Gather at Target. Sometimes I toast mini French breads and drizzle some honey on top with meat and cheese. My favorite cheese for charcuterie boards is the garlic and fine herb Boursin cheese. It's super easy to bring on the go and you can put it back in the wrapping after you use it. I also like the honey goat cheese from Target. I usually bring a variety of all the items I’ve listed, as well as some sparkling lemonade. And this picnic is easier to make than it seems, you don’t need a fancy board for the food, just lay it all out on the blanket and enjoy.

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