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Monday, May 27
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Fun types of flavored waters to try this summer


With some people struggling to hit their daily water intake, flavored water is trending on TikTok as people are finding ways to drink more water without getting bored of the taste. Whether you just want to have a fun drink or need something to keep you hydrated this summer, here are a few flavor combinations to try with with 16 to 20 ounces of cold water. 

If you spend too much money on Starbucks refreshers:  

Pink lemonade 

  • 1 crystal light lemonade packet 

  • 2 pumps raspberry or strawberry syrup 

  • Freeze dried berries to finish 

This drink will keep you and your wallet happy. 

If you never miss an opportunity to take free candy from student club tables: 

Strawberry vanilla water 

  • 1 packet of strawberry Nerds candy or Starburst drink mix 

  • 2 pumps vanilla syrup 

This drink will taste just like the nights of Halloween’s past. 

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If you have trouble waking up for your 8 a.m. and are mean to everyone in the morning: 

Green water 

  • Cubed cucumbers 

  • Muddled mint leaves 

  • Squeeze of lime 

This drink is perfect for those with less of a sweet tooth but still want something refreshing.  

If you always feel overdressed in class when everyone else is in athleisure: 

Lavender water 

  • 2 pumps lavender syrup 

  • 1 pump blueberry syrup or 2 tablespoons of blueberry puree 

  • Squeeze of lemon juice 

  • Fresh blueberries to top 

This sophisticated yet understated flavor combination is a refreshing drink to make you feel classy on an average day.  

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If you always ordered a shirley temple as a child (or now): 

Citrus Sunrise 

  • Juice of half a lime or a true lime packet 

  • 1 packet lemonade powder or 1 squeeze of lemonade water enhance 

  • Splash of orange juice or 1 pump orange syrup 

  • Splash of grenadine 

This drink is a simple and slightly more mature version of the shirley temple of your childhood. 

If you’re craving a beach day and a tan: 

Pina Colada 

  • 2 pumps coconut syrup 

  • 2 pumps pineapple syrup or splash of pineapple juice 

  • Squeeze of lime 

This is a simple, delicious flavored water that will whisk you out of Bloomington to a sunny coast.

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