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Saturday, Dec. 9
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COLUMN: 7 songs that feel like spring


The birds have started chirping, green grass is peeking up out of the ground and the sun is finally starting to warm chilly bones. It’s time to start bringing bright things back into our lives, and music is a wonderful way to lighten your mood. Here’s a short list of songs that feel like the freshness of spring:  

“Never Gonna Be Alone” by Jacob Collier featuring Lizzie McAlpine and John Mayer 

“There’s something so sweet about it...” 

This sweet song is very visual, immediately bringing you to a patch of sunlight on the floor where two people grow closer in their embrace. It tells the story of how two people fell in love and features a beautiful guitar solo from Mayer. McAlpine’s light, silky voice serves as a contrast to Collier’s, combining to form a bittersweet harmony that leaves you longing for more of the melody.  

“Would That I” by Hozier 

“Hope that you’re good to me, baby...” 

It’s no surprise that Hozier made this list, with his tendency to include light acoustics and folklore-themed lyrics. The Irish artist combines his signature adoring themes in each verse with a loud and passionate chorus.  

“Acolyte” by Slaughter Beach, Dog 

“Darling, let’s get old...” 

Don’t let the artist’s name fool you — there is no trace of anything harsh in this song. “Acolyte” follows the love story of the narrator and a girl named Annie, starting with their meeting and even mentioning his intention of marriage in the future. During the breaks in the verses, the artist chooses to whistle the tune, emphasizing the childlike joy that a new love often brings.  

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“Grapejuice” by Harry Styles 

“There’s just no getting through without you...” 

Styles slows down in this song, seemingly taking listeners on a sunny car ride with the windows down. A groovy baseline mixes with his higher tone to create a song that feels warm and intimate. 

“Davy Crochet” by The Backseat Lovers 

“I’ll teach you how to laugh if you can teach me crochet...” 

This group’s debut album is mainly composed of aching and angsty songs, but The Backseat Lovers changed their energy for “Davy Crochet.” The song features upbeat guitar chords and visual lyrics, bringing the listeners to a world where they’ve developed feelings for someone who might not feel the same. 

“Lady by the Sea” by Stephen Sanchez 

“Oh, my lady by the sea, come and lie next to me...” 

Sanchez seems to tap right into the very essence of spring with this airy title track. It’s sweet, full of adoration, and his tone is just light enough to bring a light and fresh tone to the song.   

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“Kiss Her You Fool” by Kids That Fly 

“Dreams aren’t found, they’re made...” 

In this short and exciting 2019 single by the alternative pop rock band, Kids That Fly takes the stance of a tough-love friend encouraging the listener to finally take a big step and make a bold move on the person they like. The pace is fast and the chorus is catchy, making this song another brilliant addition to any playlist.

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