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Thursday, May 30
The Indiana Daily Student

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From beachy to grungy: local music roundup


Spring has welcomed a large batch of music releases from local bands. From Too Many Cooks’ dreamy beach-rock track to Fox Body’s grimy grunge-inspired EP, there’s no shortage of creative songs from Bloomington bands. With so much to cover and so little time, let’s dive in. 

“In Between” by Foredaze 

This pop-rock track is the second release from Foredaze, and neither were disappointing. While the enunciation was a bit lacking, the song felt like a cohesive mix of Panic! At The Disco’s “Pretty Odd” sound and the fictional band Pink Slip from “Freaky Friday.” The harmonies were incredible, rounding out a perfect track for spring. 

“Best Friend” by Copeland James 

Copeland James has bridged the gap between piano pop and musical theater. “Best Friend” is gorgeously produced, with rousing harmonies and breathy vocal layering. Their voice creates a beautifully clear atmosphere of platonic desire. It’s perfectly dramatic, making it ideal for a solitary walk-through Dunn Woods. 

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“Simple Sugar” by Too Many Cooks 

Ever wondered what Generation Z’s yacht rock will sound like? “Simple Sugar” captures the breezy quality of ‘80s yacht rock perfectly while adding the band's own spin to it. I’m a sucker for a good guitar riff, and Too Many Cooks nailed theirs. I can’t think of a better song for driving with the top down as the days get warmer. 

“Untitled” by BOYGIRLBLUE 

“Untitled” is unrefined music at its best. The opening made me feel like I was traveling through a tunnel, blaring the song from my car speakers. I can't get enough of the chorus of voices emphasizing the production detail. The recorded version is almost identical to the live performance. It’s incredible. 

“Fox Body EP” by Fox Body 

I stumbled into the Rathouse one night to watch one of my friends’ bands and happened upon Fox Body’s first ever performance. I have become obsessed with them ever since.  Their guitarist shreds the solos in “On My Way” and “Cold” with ease. Despite “Cold” being a song about losing love, it’s a fun and upbeat song. “Whippets in the Dark” is my favorite, featuring beautiful harmonies and a brief sample from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” I can’t tell if “Pull Down the Moon” is supposed to be rife with references to Nirvana and Phoebe Bridgers, but it’s a solid track either way. “Dinero” closes the EP with an ode to the band’s stunningly grimy basement performances, effortlessly capturing what it’s like to see them live. I can’t recommend this EP enough, especially to fans of Nirvana’s “Bleach.”

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