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Sunday, Dec. 10
The Indiana Daily Student

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OPINION: This week's hot takes


Leila Faraday: Bananas are best eaten when they are green with some hints of yellow peeking through. I am personally not a fan of the mushiness and bland sweetness of ripe ones. 

Owen Darland: The IU bathrooms are of inferior quality. I don’t know if Pamela has an executive bathroom or something, but she has to get on this issue. They are small, and I feel like they get cleaned every fortnight. Also, the paper products in them are lackluster at best. 

Ravana Gumm: Store brand or generic items get way too much hate. The quality is almost always around the same as the name brand. Therefore, I cannot justify wasting money on the name brand. We put too much worth into brand identities and getting the “good brand” that we end up missing out on saving money with little to no sacrifice of quality.  

Audrey Vonderahe: Prioritizing sleep in college has gone by the wayside for so many reasons. It’s just as important to put the book down and get your eight hours as it is to do well on an exam. Don’t lose your mind trying to get your education. Get some sleep.  

Carolyn Marshall: Plain cheese pizza is the best kind of pizza. Oftentimes, when I get other ingredients on my pizza, it doesn’t hit the same. The simple topping of cheese is enough for me rather than having to add on any kinds of other toppings.  

Jared Quigg: Please President Xi, my country yearns for freedom. The recent congressional hearings over TikTok reconfirmed what Americans already knew about our leaders from both parties: they’re racist morons. Please liberate us from these ghoulish Cold Warriors and give us high speed rail! 

Elizabeth Valadez: The stretch of time from the end of spring break to finals week always feels like the worst, most stressful, most awful time. But it doesn’t need to be this way. For the remainder of the semester, my motto is no stress. Do I have multiple essays, readings and final projects to think about and complete? Yes. But still, no stress.  

Joey Sills: The idea of changing our clocks twice a year is an antiquated practice that has no purpose in modern society. In fact, Indiana didn’t even observe Daylight Saving Time until 2006. There’s benefits and drawbacks to permanent Standard Time and permanent DST — the latter would lead to an extra hour of sunlight in the afternoon and an hour less in the morning, while the former would be the opposite — but it’s clear we need national, permanent time observation. 

Danny William: Artificial Intelligence is a useful tool, but so many people act like it’s actually non-artificially intelligent. When ChatGPT says something “human,” it’s because it learned from humans, which is literally how AIs work. So many people have been exposed to the “evil AI” concept from movies that it’s rotted their brains. 

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