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OPINION: This week's hot takes

Danny William: “Everything Everywhere All at Once” completely deserved its seven Oscar wins. It was easily one of the most emotionally impactful and creative films of the last year. While I enjoyed many of the films from 2022, I am extremely happy that it ended up winning so much. Absolute sweep. 

Joey Sills: Reducing your carbon footprint is important, yes, but we need to stop pretending that if we all collectively reduce, reuse and recycle, that we’ll fight climate change together. Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of greenhouse gas emissions. The problem is a lack of corporate regulation and a capitalistic overreliance on nonrenewable resources, not the average person driving a car because their city is unwalkable and doesn’t have decent public transport. 

Elizabeth Valadez: Gatekeeping is one of the worst practices. There is no need to gatekeep the joy that you get from certain artists or films. If you’re a genuine fan, why wouldn’t you want to share that song or movie with others? 

Jared Quigg: Taylor Swift is touring again, so here is a quick ranking of her ten albums! It will be sure to please no one:  

10. “Taylor Swift”  

9. “Speak Now”  

8. “Midnights”  

7. “Reputation”  

6. “Fearless”  

5. “Red”  

4. “1989”  

3. “Lover”  

2. “evermore”  

1. “folklore” Put some respect on “Lover”! 

Audrey Vonderahe: It’s super weird and cringey that Jesse Rutherford (31) is dating Billie Eilish (21), especially so soon after Rutherford’s highly public breakup with Wildflower Cases founder and resident Generation Z cool girl Devon Lee Carlson. The way Billie talks about him is super weird and it just seems like it’s a bad situation. Love to all, but I’m team Devon on this one.  

Leila Faraday: Buying a bunch of “eco-friendly” products like bamboo toothbrushes, reusable straws and tote bags does not make you sustainable. Use up the things you already have and reduce your consumption in the first place. 

Ravana Gumm: Hating every pop artist doesn’t make you look cool. It actually makes you lame because that tells me that your only personality trait is striving to be “edgy” and “different.” Pop artists have way more to offer than the song you heard in a Kohl’s commercial.  

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